Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hayes Foundation to Join CJ Foundation for SIDS

“This is a magical day for me and everyone who has helped the Hayes Foundation get to this point,” said Oliver, founder and executive director of the Hayes Foundation. “It’s overwhelming to think about how small we were when we started and now have the opportunity to partner with the CJ Foundation. I’m honored the Hayes Foundation is joining such an impactful organization, an organization that can take us to new levels of raising awareness of SIDS in Richmond and beyond.”

“One of our goals with the This Side Up campaign has been to spread our message across the country and beyond,” said Oliver, who will join the CJ Foundation’s board of directors. “The CJ Foundation will be able to take the This Side Upcampaign to another level and guide its growth. We now have the onesies in English, Spanish and Vietnamese – I would like to see them in every language one day.”

Click here to read the full press release.


  1. Kyra I am so proud of you for all you have accomplished with the Hayes Foundation. I have been reading your blog and some of your articles. I feel such pain for you still. I cannot even imagine the heartache you must feel daily. I am so happy you have found such a joy in running. I wanted to ask if you have asked UVA about supporting your campaign? I would love to see your onesies in the NICU there. I was thinking about a bulk order? Also I was reading your cosleeping blog and I do have a guilty habit of letting Max lay in our bed. Do you know anything about the cosleepers that go in bed with you? I love you Kyra you are a wonderful mother and a beautiful woman~Patsy

  2. Thank you! I will look into the latest on co-sleepers. I know it is really hard and helps to et some rest when the baby is next to you.

    I would love to have our onesies at UVA. Can you help?

  3. Here is some of the latest info: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends room sharing not bed sharing. Bed sharing with an infant is dangerous and is implicated in a many SUID deaths. Co-sleeping could be either so we make that distinction. There is no evidence that suggests that co-sleepers, either on an adult bed or next to the bed are beneficial and can be a suffocation hazard and a SIDS risk.

    We recommend a bassinet, or crib next to the parents bed up until age six months. A recent paper on the subject is here:

  4. Thank you. I'm going to read the article. I would love to help! How should I start?~Patsy

  5. Is there someone in NICU that we can get a meeting with? Usually we need to talk to decision makers, head nurses in the birthing units, marketing folks, etc. Feel free to email me at or call 804-399-6606 and we can talk more. This is great! So appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to help our community.