Friday, August 21, 2009

Ads Perpetuate Unsafe Sleeping

The Back to Sleep campaign officially launched in 1994 to educate caregivers that babies are safest from the risk of SIDS when sleeping on their backs.

Fifteen years later and almost every time you see a picture of a baby sleeping – whether it is in an ad or to show off a professional photographer’s portfolio – the baby is sleeping on his stomach. U.S. News and World Report highlighted this dichotomy in a piece this week, which included other safe-sleeping tips.

The message advertisers send when they show babies sleeping on their stomachs is irresponsible in light of what researchers have learned about SIDS. It’s time companies stop sending mixed messages.

People act on what they see or hear. Fifteen years after Back to Sleep, there obviously is the need for more education. That’s why we started the This Side Up campaign.

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