Monday, October 27, 2008

A Few Simple Steps...SIDS

Thanks to the Richmond Times Dispatch for including our Commentary in the Sunday paper. We hope to help others by sharing information when we get it.

You can see the article here.

"What makes SIDS all the more maddening is that it knows no cure: The first symptom is death.
SIDS doesn't discriminate, robbing parents from all walks of life of their bundles of joy as they are just getting to know them. While SIDS occurs more in lower-income families, Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom lost a son to SIDS in 2006, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Matt Bryant's son died several weeks ago unexpectedly, most likely of SIDS (the cause of death has yet to be determined)."

It doesn't matter who you are. You should be aware so that it doesn't happen to you and your family.

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