Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reducing the Risk: Fans and SIDS

A recent study revealed that putting a fan in your baby’s room might reduce the risk of SIDS by 72 percent. What’s more, Newsweek reported of another study by the journal Pediatrics that 25 percent of parents of 3-month-olds still aren’t following the recommendation that babies sleep on their backs. The majority of SIDS deaths occur when a baby is 2 to 4 months old.

This number is alarmingly high – in light of the fact that “Back to Sleep” has been suggested since 1994 – and is exactly why we believe there needs to be more education and why we started the This Side Up campaign. If 25 percent of parents don’t know babies are safest from SIDS when sleeping on their backs, wouldn’t you expect the number to be much higher for grandparents? Baby sitters? Daycare providers?

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